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  2. Thanks Dil, that's reassuring. I am incredibly picky by nature! You're right about not panicking, this is why I am getting my panicking out the way now, working through all the different scenarios in my head. I'm in an area where it's near impossible to rent anything so logicallly I know I should be able to get good tenants anytime. It's just not ideal, also I was hoping to do block viewings to generate more interest. Anyway my ducks will remain lined up, the ad is already written, so I just need to get in and take some pics as soon as I get the key. Which will be soon, fingers crossed.
  3. Hi Sarah j, it is a bit trickier to let just before Christmas but not impossible by no means. The way things are someone somewhere is always in a pickle - you are in a pickle because you need to rent out the place. Someone else will be in a pickle looking for a place and will be thinking there is nothing available at this time of year. I've let out close to Christmas before. Just don't panic and give to the first person just to get it rented. Could end up with a bad tenant - so still be picky. Worst case scenario keep it empty until you find the right person. With regards to last date i don't know but make sure all your ducks are lined up. Start marketing it as soon as the key is in your hand - the required work can be done during and after viewing or even let out.
  4. Hi All, from Hemel Hempstead

    Hi Travis Welcome to The Property Hub forum! The nearest meetup to you would be St Albans Meetups take place on the first Thursday of every month & you'd be made very welcome by your fellow property enthusiasts!
  5. Investing in Crewe

    Hi all - I am looking at investing in Crewe for my first property and using the BRR model. Will be difficult to manage the refurb from down South so I am interested to hear how this experience was for you, any tips you have and whether you have any recommendations for trades people? Really value your thoughts.
  6. With apologies in advance for bringing the dreaded C word up so early especially as I'm new around here - way to get moderated! I've just bought my first two investment properties (by chance in the same weekend, that was weird) - one is a project for the winter but the other is beautiful, all ready to let bar a replacement window, a new bathroom extractor fan and a PIV in the roof space. Worst case scenario it might be three weeks max from taking ownership to getting it on the market. The vendor's previous sale fell through and she was desperate to sell so as not to lose her property. I pushed the solicitor hard and we were ready to complete this Friday. You're probably ahead of me here already but I've just been told it's now going to be another 3/4 weeks (read: at least 4) which best case scenario takes me to mid Nov, plus three weeks for the minor works which means I'll have a lovely property ready to go on the lettings market second week in Dec, just as people really get into the swing of silly season! I've fed back that if we can't complete by end of Oct at the latest then I want to leave the sale til the NY but even if they do take any notice of me, tbh the thought of marketing a property in Jan doesn't exactly fill me with joy either. I read a report in the Sunday Times which said today was the last day to purchase a house if you wanted to be in by Christmas. So what would you say is the last day for letting a house out if you wanted to get a tenant in situ before the madness starts?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to the property world. I currently own (mortgage) a property with my wife which we bought and refurbished over a period of time. We are both interested in turning our hand to property investment as we love the tangibility of property as well as bringing new life to run down properties. I have read a couple of Rob Dix's box and now onto Rich Dad Poor Dad and understand the different strategies people have persuade or creative ways to search for new opportunities and how to fund them. I'm here to learn as much as possible and also interested in knowing there there are any local meet ups around the area. Kind Regards Travis
  8. Afternoon people, I have a flat in the Northern Quarter in Manchester and was thinking it's about time I serviced my boiler. Does anyone have a relevant contact before I randomly pick someone off the internet? Thanks Sam
  9. Hi Guys, I'm an investment agent that lives in Liverpool so I have dealt with many investors all with different amounts of experience. There are numerous aspects you need to consider before searching for the right property. First of all you need to know what location you would like to buy in. While I would always suggest buying in a location that you know well, that is easier said than done sometimes, i.e. if you live in London. You need to decide what type of property you would like and what sort of budget you are working with. If you want to ask me any questions or just want some general advice then my email is Cheers, Phil
  10. Hello everyone! <Wave> News have it that there may be a Chartered Accountant on the forum... My name is Nadia and I work with accidental landlords and professional property investors, helping them assess how well their business is doing and how much tax they have to pay. I also offer advise on legal ways to pay less taxes. The Property Hub has been a great source of property information and I would love to contribute to the community. Hopefully I will meet some of you online or at meetups. Nadia
  11. On this week's Property Podcast, the Rob's provide an introduction on how to invest in the North, listen in full here.
  12. Hallo from Amsterdam

    Hi Marinus, Welcome to The Property Hub, you won't find many people from Amsterdam on here I don't think but I am in Amsterdam every other week for 3 or 4 days near Lelylaan. Amazing place to live! very jealous. Greg
  13. AST Template

    Morning all, Has anyone got a sample AST agreement that they are currently using they can share with me? I am looking for something that I can edit and change for my own particular needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i may be advertising my rental from this weekend. Thanks Darren I am looking for private financing with a 10% ROI - get in touch
  14. 87 year lease deal

    Thank you for the reply James. For future reference, I found out that any lease over 80 years will be fine for lenders. Below 60 years remaining on the lease and you start to get into some resistance and you won't be able to get a mortgage on anything below 40 years remaining.
  15. Good Morning Everyone, Simon & Matilda here. We are a young couple living in SW London/Surrey and we are looking to make the jump into buy to let property investment. We are in a very fortunate situation where a fair sized family loan could potentially help us grow quite quickly, assuming we do things properly. We have little or no experience in property although I (Simon) works as a construction surveyor so I have a good building knowledge. We are looking for any advice from people who have made success from a similar situation. What to do next? Where to invest? Etc etc We would also like to build up some good local contacts. Mortgage brokers, mentors, estate agents, accountants and generally nice people. if you think you can help then please do not hesitate to get in contact. Many Thanks
  16. Last week
  17. Hi George There are lots of properties in Nottingham that are perfectly habitable and thus "mortgagable" just too much to handle for most B2L investors and especially owner occupiers. Can I suggest you add Nottingham to your list of potential areas. Very centrally based and more appealing to people making the exit from London or looking to setup home having been in the country for a few years. There is lots of diversity and opportunities across the city. Some will be for more than £100K but it is still possible to find refurb options less than £95K with plenty of opportunity for capital growth. Do get in touch if you want to talk more about options for you. regards Jonathan
  18. Hi! I'm looking to start a limited company to invest as a joint venture with a family member. The type of properties I'm looking to invest in (£25000 - £75000) are fairly cheap. My question is, is there a minimum purchase price asked for when getting a mortgage as a limited company and how much is it? Thanks, Craig
  19. What deposit is your buyer putting down?Sounds like the valuer had a bad day, and will have put ideas in your buyers head thats it's over priced. Valuers are sometimes swayed by the lender instructing them and tend to be more risk averse to a buyer with a lower deposit. Someone with a large deposit is less of a risk than someone with a small deposit, valuers don't want a claim against them if the buyer defaults and the lender is forced to sell at a lower price. You could always explore the other offers and see if theres a deal to be had as a back up?
  20. BANK OF CHINA - Expat Mortgage Advice

    Nope, but would like to know more when you get more info..
  21. 10 months out of the country - Mortgage restrictions

    What about BTL lenders when you are outside UK? (Netherlands)
  22. Hallo from Amsterdam

    Hi, I’m a South African living in Amsterdam. I have a few properties in Johannesburg and would like to extend that to the UK. I’m in the process of buying my first in UK and looking for options to get finance from this side of the channel for the next one. :-) ps. Anyone else from The Netherlands around?
  23. What to do...

    Hi All I am looking to start into property investment and have roughly 30-40k to invest with At the moment I am investing alone but possibly will have 1/2 friends who we will join up as a JV. If I am looking to do by myself (which is on the cards at the moment) I am thinking of making a purchase in either Manchester or West Midlands I have seen some properties which are perfect for BTL (short journey into city centre or main station) and in some cases can see the potential for a HMO Just thinking the kind of strategy to take... either BTL or HMO
  24. HMO advice please

    Hullo I am currently selling our old house, which we have a HMO license for and was hoping for some advice.... Firstly, Do I need to notify the council that we want to terminate it? Secondly I have just found out that the buyer is going to have to rent whilst they are out of the country. They initially said it was residential, although he clearly plans to flip once he's done it up. I wondered if I could transfer the HMO (there are 4 years left) and potentially get a bit of cash for it? Can't find anything on it so suspect not. We didn't sell it as an ongoing HMO as it is in more of a residential area/property. Thanks in advance
  25. Hi all, Really hope someone can provide some guidance here. My greedy freeholder wants to charge me £130 for our sublet. Fortunately, I listened to episode 228 the day after receiving the letter from them and was encouraged to hear Rob thoughts that this was outrageous and a fair price would be £40. I printed off the template provided and sent it off to the freeholder. Last week, I got a response (attached). Basically they're saying they're well within their rights to charge what they want and quote some other cases where similar decisions have been made. Has anyone else been in this situation or do you have any advice on how I should proceed? From what I can say I need to pay but would love to get some feedback as this is something I know little about. Thanks so much in advance Phil
  26. Hello Property hub, My name is Stuart, and I just thought I’d introduce myself to the forum. A little bit about myself... I’m 36, married and have a four month old daughter. I am unashamedly a newbie, and am looking forward to building, and adding to, a new network as I take my first tentative steps into property investment. At the moment I am in the learning phase, burning through the podcasts and reading what I can, when I can. I’ve owned three residential properties that we have done quite well on, and am now looking at BTL property as a future investment tool. Although my strategy is yet to be finalised, I’m currently thinking that single lets would best suit my needs. As an engineer, I hugely value the use of good data, processes and systems, and have a good mathematic brain and love a good spreadsheet…! I'm booked on to the Waterloo November 2nd meetup, so if you’re there please look out for the newbie and come and say “Hello!”. Thanks!
  27. Hi, We're hoping to buy a small flat for around the 100k mark. The property needs a small amount of updating work to make it ready to rent out. We have had a Buy to Let mortgage declined as the property is not fit to be rented out at the moment - due to damp being evident in the surveyors report. As a result we have had an independent damp and timber survey carried out on the property which estimates works at around 3k. The Buy to Let mortgage company states that they would lend once the damp works identified by such a survey have been done under guarantee. This leaves us the option of buying for cash and taking out a mortgage at a later date - however we would not be able to tie the money up for as long as 6 months...|i understand it can be hard to mortgage a property bought for cash before this 6 month period has passed? Our plan has always been to find a small property to improve before renting out - as we have the time to do this, and hope to increase its value, however if we are unable to get a Buy to Let Mortgage agreed on any property which needs work and isn't immediately rentable then this is not going to work. We wondered if anyone could advise? Thanks Anne
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