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  1. Buy to let on own home

    Ok thanks Tony, perhaps I might see him tonight - if not I will send him a message
  2. Buy to let on own home

    Thanks Tony, that's very interesting. I will have a look into it. Is it something you have used yourself? Having bought the flat on a 5% deposit initially, would I need to find teh funds to take it up to the typical 20-25% usually expected for a BTL property?
  3. Buy to let on own home

    Hi Ray How did you get on with this? I had a similar conversation with my financial advisor/mortgage broker and he gave me the impression it would be quite difficult and expensive Thanks
  4. Hello, I currently have some tenants who are on a short assured tenancy agreement that has been on a rolling month to month agreement for at least six months, if not a year. I heard about the PRT's that are being introduced and had thought about trying to move my tenants on to it as I missed a few vital documents when the original tenancy was set up. I thought that if I started the new PRT I could issue those documents when this contract begins. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and what information do I need to give the tenants in advance of issuing the PRT? I phoned the Scottish Government - Housing and Social Justice help line but the guy wasnt much help he said just to issue the documents now and leave them on the current rolling contract but I am worried as the TIP mentions it should be issued before they sign their tenant agreement and I don't know if that might come back to bite me. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  5. New to The Property Hub - Glasgow

    Hi Chris, Thanks for that. I will be sure to check out those websites and resources. I will be sure to let you know how I get on. Thanks, Murray
  6. Hi, I have just joined property hub after searching for property meet ups in Glasgow. I am looking forward to going to my first one. My partner and I work full time and have a couple of rental flats but keen to put more time, effort and money into the property game so if anyone has any words of wisdom please send them my way. Look forward to seeing people at Dram on the 3rd Nov Murray