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  1. Hi, Does anyone know off hand any lender says that don't have the 25k minimum basic salary requirements? My basic is just below however with overtime/bonus/rental income It's about 52k. Tried speaking to L&C about it but they advised that it is the basic they have to take when considering? Thanks
  2. Hopefully a few people can add their views on valuation report that came through today on a potential new purchase. It got it's valuation exactly (This is the norm right as they don't tend to expose themselves?) Property age: 115 years appox 3 bed mid terrace with ground floor bathroom Roof: Tile and flat Matters affecting value Flat roofing has a limited life and may fail without warning (Guess this is the norm for all flat roofs? Also how much will this impact the home insurance?) Evidence of of dampness to ground floor walls and timbers in contact may be defective (Damp is common in where the street is situated and its layout) Parts of the artex are thought to contain asbestos material (Does this warning feature often? If the artex was to be left as it was then would it be okay to leave in its current state?) I feel that the property is in reasonable condition and that a lot of this could just be to cover the surveyor in case of any future comebacks. Also the property seems to BMV based on months of research but the valuation only came back exactly what I thought it was, Is this pretty standard? Any opinions would be appreciated Thanks
  3. It's either that or honouring each landlord in the queens next speech?
  4. "Incentives to landlord for 'family friendly' three year guranteed tenancies to be offered to tenants in an effort to increase stability and security" Anybody aware of what incentives will be offered? Thanks
  5. @matt lewis Thanks for getting back on this
  6. Hi, Just a quick question regarding a joint btl remortgage I will be looking do in 12-18 months.. My partner will be completing her masters degree when I look to do this and she will likely have no income at that time. Is it just a case that as long as the affordability is covered then it would be okay to switch it over? Or is it a case that if 1 party is unemployed/receiving no income then they can't be on it? Any help with this would be appreciated Thanks
  7. Hi Nathan, I have dropped you a message mate
  8. Hi, My dream is to working within commercial law. Since leaving school it has been my ambition to work for a big firm and secure a training contract. To give some background on myself I studied a law degree at Durham University in which I got a 2:1. Since graduating I have worked for the Home Office as a civil servant. I have enrolled to complete my masters degree in EU Law, focussing on Competition and markets, at Amsterdam University this September. I am passionate to keep developing myself until I have achieved my goals. Aside from my day job I am enlisted in the local community centre to help people with knowledge with their electronics/computer applications. Last year I got over the first huddle at Addleshaw Goddard but unfortunately did not get past the telephone interview. I feel this year I am in better place but lack a network in this environment that can give me more direction and really tailor my skills to company values. I believe in giving back so any support/advice I can get then I promise to utilise my skills to help you were possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. Hi Simon, 1) I am quite local to Liverpool so i'll give you my views... 2) Some of the properties are not in desirable areas and combined with other risks (Tenant profile/neighbourhood crime/saturated market/poor fundamentals/re-sale/voids/) 3) I have personally looked as i considered Airbnb on the outskirts for the football/city trips. I decided against it due to it being really hands on and the uncertainty. With this being said it is still possible to pick one of these properties up and get some really good tenants and make a solid cashflow each month. It of course is just Risk vs Reward
  10. Hi David, I would check the following to size up if it is actually BMV.. - Check the Land Registry prices on recent sales on indentical units. - Check on Rightmove the properties for sale and include Under Offer, Sold STC... - Check current condition (Take a tradesman with you and cost up any work needed) - Survey will confirm/dismiss your valuation. What you deem BMV is your discretion but i would say aim for 20% minimum Thanks Greg Ashall
  11. Hi, I though i would put the feelers out and connect with local investors and see how we are faring. If like me you could talk property all day but struggle to find someone as enthusiastic then drop me a email/message. Thanks Greg Ashall
  12. Hi MTY, I second what Andre says and would just add emphasis on working out what your short/long term goals and how these look. Once you have have work back and build a strategy that will you get you there. Take your time and absorb as much knowledge as you can (Books/Podcasts/Journals) Thanks Greg Ashall
  13. Hi Mark, I currently have property in St Helens and would be interested in your HMO market if thats okay? Okay if i drop you an email? Thanks
  14. Hi Alex, Good to to see you taking the leap into the world of BTL... Need more specifics on this to really be of any assistance to you. How much is your deposit? Are looking you looking for something hands off? How risk-averse are you? Thanks Greg
  15. HI Darran, I would be interested in picking you brains on Sunderland if that is okay? Good to see you are starting out on your journey - exciting times! Happy to have a chat if you want mate Thanks