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    My property strategy is to continue buying solid cashflowing properties which I can add value to.
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  1. Hallo from Amsterdam

    Hi Marinus, Welcome to The Property Hub, you won't find many people from Amsterdam on here I don't think but I am in Amsterdam every other week for 3 or 4 days near Lelylaan. Amazing place to live! very jealous. Greg
  2. Offering JV Partner interest rate of 8%

    Hi SS Parmar, First of all well done on getting someone to invest in you, that's the part people often struggle with. My advice would be to take your time and rather than finding a strategy that fits your investor you really should be finding one that fits your goals. If you do find a "deal" and there is an opportunity there then the numbers should present themselves to show how you can make a profit once you have the financial backing. As exciting as it might be to have that finance behind you I would STRONGLY advise you educate and spend some time reviewing your own goals and strategy and once you are clear then incorporate the backing of a JV maybe to put them into action if they fit in. Greg
  3. First Post

    Hi Depak, Welcome to the Hub, good on you for deciding to take action Have you set out your goals yet and got down to the core reason that you want to invest in BTL? Once you have determined WHY and have a really clear idea on that then you can start to structure your strategy as you probably found out that there are so many ways to invest in property and everybody goes about it in different fashions. My advice would is to avoid £££ courses until you have a foundation knowledge, which by the way you can get through this forum and listen to podcasts and then sit down and get to the core of what success looks like to you and set SMART actions to set a path, far too many people think I will invest in property because it gets you rich but those days are gone now and the industry is much more professional, It can certainly make you rich but its a HARD journey. Surround yourself with good people and EDCUATE - If you consider paying any types of fee then I would only consider a mentor at this stage as it would give you more value as they could be more specific to yourself and strategy rather than pushing their strategy on you. Good luck Greg
  4. Does this make sense to anyone?

    Hi Rob, You make a valid point about how lucrative a flip can be and how you can accelerate your growth by being aggressive with your purchases and efficient with your renovations however, one of the main issues is the time it takes to flip and how hands on it requires you to be, this wouldn't be practical for someone who wants to be hands off. We do still live in a world of BTL and understandably most folk with no building experience will be hesitant to dabble into that market, not to mention the pressure people may feel under bridging finance repayments. In my opinion, don't rule out either strategy just find what works for you at the right times and be open to new concepts, BRR is something that combines a mix of the 2 which might be of interest to you. Greg
  5. HELP , what's the best move forward as an investor ?

    Hi Ruth, How long is your deal fixed for and what are your intentions for when that deal ends? Will you move to another provider? If you have a 2-year fix for example and difference between 1&3 is £539.04 but then you're paying £1995 arrangement fee it wouldn't stack up based on that, there are other factors which need to be considered mainly around your tax status and future intentions. Hope this helps Greg
  6. Hi Stuart, I agree with what Darren has said regarding the quality of the product, it's good to use the local market as your guide but check the quality of what is and isn't selling against your product because that might be part of the reason. If you offer better quality which is competitive and affordable for local pockets then I would be surprised if you go far wrong as long as your do your DD beforehand. Good luck Greg
  7. Newbie - The Road to Retirement (hopefully)

    Hi Hazel, Well done on taking action, I'm sure you will be just fine if you keep educating yourself. With regards the to the nerves they happen to everybody as self doubt will creep in as you question your numbers and how an investment it really is?! Don't worry though as this happens even when it's not your first and I find each offer that is accepted I have a day of doubt. Keep the hub updated on your progress and utilise the free knowledge. Good luck! Greg
  8. Getting the cash flow right

    Hi Tim, I would review the monthly summary as you can get rid of the council tax straight away as you don't need to cover that and some of the other costs are a little high. I would say these look more realistic and this is the way i personally would do it just so you get a more accurate picture. Monthly summary Rent 900 Mortgage on 60% 274 Agent Management 108 Repairs 75 Void periods 75 Buildings Insurance 15 ---------------------------------- +353
  9. Looking to invest up North?

    Tell me Roger, what areas of St Helens do you prefer? And why? Greg
  10. Hi Tim, I would suggest the latest training course on the cycle as that will convey the point much better than any forum post, but to answer your ponts. 1. get nervous and start selling - Hit and miss with this as some people may start to offload stock fearing the worse, but in the same breath the amount of stock might be reduced as people are holding on to what they have and waiting it out. Stamp duty as an example has stopped a lot of movement. 2. sell for less than the market price - mini-BMVs - You might find that some portfolio's go on the market and get BMV - I personally have found that there is plenty of BMV as the market is standing still and less competition as people fear it as a bad time to buy, but knowing the next part of the cycle it really isn't! 3. cause the market to flood with property (all leading to #1 and 2) - Depends on the area, with stamp duty parts of the country have very little stock but my area for example has become flooded with BTL properties going on the market as landlords have seen S24 as the end. 1. Don't rush into a sale but wait it out - Just run the numbers the same way and if it stacks up then go for it, as we are in the wobble then we know to expect some form of appreciation in the future and if the cashflow balances out then you can be around long enough to benefit from both 2. Make silly offers - I would say as it's good time to buy just offer low but sensible and ratoinalise your offer to the vendor (goes a long way) 3. Look for best discount rather than high yield - All down to strategy but I would find a balance because what if you chase the "best discount" that isn't self sustainable and the price dips in the next 3 years? What then? Hope this gives you some clarity Greg
  11. Fingers crossed Rick! I don't think it will be quite the same performance but even 1.5x I think i will be happy with
  12. I would say it is about striking a balance as without cash you will find it hard to ride out the rough patches in the cycle but you might get a better overall ROI by having a mix of cash/capital. In my portfolio I want a balance of good cashflow that services the debt on properties that are geared more towards capital appreciation and sacrifice yield/cashflow. But each person might view it different, I personally don't want to have to support my portfolio with my savings however some people might chase capital appreciation and not be concerned about low yields/cashflow that require some of their funds to top up from time to time. Hope this helps Greg
  13. I personally think the wobble will finish around 2020 give or take a year - Brexit will be over and the landscape clearer, business confidence will start to increase and I think it will be likely our currency will start to improve, all of these factors will lead to confidence and then the economy/housing will start to ramp up. Until then it will be up and down depending on where you are, if you are up North then I don't even think a wobble will be noticeable but the London centric media will have you think that its the whole of the UK experiencing dips. Lots of opportunity will be around for the next 2-3 years due to S24 and Brexit so it is the sale before the boom in my opinion (Depending on where you buy of course) Greg
  14. Serviced Accomodation

    Hi, There are a few methods which you could consider which might be viable but it depends on the type building, you could consider keyless entry by using a key code entry system, some apartment blocks already have this. You could have the key boxes which you can lock with a code and send the code to each customer on their booking confirmation, when they arrive they enter the code and the box unlocks with the key. Also worth having a look to see if there is a local shop/pub who would be willing to hold keys for you in return for a fee and guests can go along to collect them. And finally there are door handles which have a code on them which can be changed each time by the cleaner/yourself between customer visits. If you are considering employing a cleaning team then it might be worth enquiring with a SA management team as often they provide cleaning/booking management/24-7 support and you can be hands off. Service accommodation is taking off at the moment so my advice would be to network with people who have them in their portfolio and try to mirror there systems, if you find a successful SA then look to replicate its systems as you don't need to re-invent the wheel. Good luck Greg
  15. Interesting you say this Richard as it has been something I have stayed away from as I wanted a more family home to rent out, ideally aiming for good local schools than feed into the main high school. Totally agree with you there mate Greg