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  1. Good morning guys, I had a thought that i wanted to share with you. Have you ever asked yourself how long will it take you to have an income you wish to have? How much time will you spend working on it? Imagine having large portfolio of properties producing more income you thought it would while investing very little of your own time. Would you like that? Having the right team in place will save you time and money. What do i mean by that? Let's say you are going to climb a mountain to see what is on the top and there are many path to the top but you don't know which one to take. So you are staying at the bottom of the mountain thinking how can you get there faster and easier. How will you know what is the right path to take? You have 2 choices: 1- you can go ahead and try one of the paths and see it for yourself. Which not necessarily will be the easier and quicker road. 2- you could ask someone who already been there and coming back. Would you say that second one potentially could save you lots of time and effort? I'd say so. Same applies to properties. It is so crucial to have the right team by your side who will take care of some of your affairs and save you time and effort so you can focus more on strategic and very important things for your property business, rather than daily hustle. My call to you is find those people you wish to work with, some reliable, loyal and knowledgeable team you can trust. A team who will take calls after hours to help you when you needed most. A team who will motivate and inspire you to have more success and abundance and to live an extraordinary life. Wish you all the success in your property adventure and look forward to meeting you sometimes soon Yuliya Preslytska
  2. Do you find that income from your work or invested properties doesn't make you enough money for your next BTL? Would it be good to invest very little of your money but have high return on the investment everyone is looking for? I can tell you with certainty, that is possible. Im currently talking to guys who have some mobile/park home on 26 different sites at the South (Devon and other areas) and they assured me that people are making on average anything from £205 per week (in April) to £435 per week (in August). Their sites are open 11.5 months in a year and makes great profit for investors. Personally i don't believe what people say but i always look for some PROOFS. So, ive requested more information with financial statements and awaiting to have all the details this week. If you are interested in making some extra money or you wish to know what i'll get in the reports and statements- let me know and i'll share the details with you too. Have a fantastic and prosperous live!
  3. Looking to buy a house overseas? Looking buy to invest or to live 300+days under the sunshine Gorgeous 2 bedroom apartment for sale in very nice and prime location in Marbella. Give me a call if interested or know someone who is 0779 616 5614 or go www.enlightenea.co.uk thanks
  4. Hello guys, Just got an amazing opportunity for investors or business owners. Freehold pub with accommodation for sale in Nottinghamshire for £299K. Could be easily converted into 7 flats!It is fully refurbished 3 story, 3 bed owners accommodation, lounge diner, office, 2 toilets, shower room, 3 bed rooms, office. Large beer garden with smoking shelter, garden lights, catering kitchen, large bar room and snug room, large cellar with air con and fully fitted, good selection of beers and real ale.Bar has been fully refurbished to high standard and very modern. 7 day strong trading with large foot fall from market square, live music every Saturday night, all equipment included in sale ready to trade on day 1.Fantastic turn over (£35K+pcm) and comes with 3 staff, stock at value.This pub started it's life as a large house, then a private club so can be turned into flats or large detached house if required. Give me a call if interested or know someone who is 0779 616 5614
  5. Hi, sorry for late reply. Joint venture is when you get together with another property investor(s). Partnership is another word for it.
  6. what do you mean by that? I have a question for you, what are you looking to get from investing in properties?
  7. There are few things you may want to consider: - cost of the house -stamp duty -cost of refurb -cost of letting agents -repairs and maintenance After all deductions, will you get your £1320? I always say, you have to have a goal and the strategy? Is not enough to look at the house and area and decide to purchase or not. You need to have "end goal in mind" What are you going to do with the house? Do you have multiple exit strategies? You definitely would want to look at the property before purchasing. Drive around the area, talk to neighbours, estate and letting agents, etc. Make a social visit with a biz idea in mind Have a fantastic and successful day Yuliya 0779 616 5614
  8. Hi, There are ways to get a mortgage. Good mortgage adviser will be able to help. Also, have you considered JV (joint venture)? Have a fantastic and successful day Yuliya 0779 616 5614
  9. One of the best things you could do is contact 2-3 different letting agents and ask what would they rent your house for? Then do a research in rightmove and Zoopla. You are the best person who knows you +'s and -'s in the house, so instead of taking the lowest price, i would take an average price. Make sure the property is secure, compliant and as much as possible nice and cozy. Tenants will appreciate that and will look after it. Remember, whatever you give, is going to come back. So if you have your house nicely done, you can charge reasonable price for it. hope it helps Have a fantastic and successful day Yuliya 0779 616 5614
  10. Hi, London is a broad area, what part of London?
  11. If you do a bit of research you will find out that there isn't set on stone valuation that surveyor or an agents will be able to give. Valuation is just an opinion, a combination of how much a particular property will cost and how much people are willing to pay for it. To get the most accurate picture of what's your house worth I would invite 2-3 different estate agents and ask them how did they come out with the price and also do same with the surveyor. Do some research in land registry for sold prices on the area (not advertised but sold), consider inflation and some improvements in the area and some home improvements you have made (like having another WC, etc) Gather as much info as possible and hopefully you will have good pics of what you house is worth. Hope it helps Have a fantastic and successful day Yuliya 0779 616 5614
  12. Hi,with regards to the question above, I'd suggest start with end result in mind. What are you looking to achieve by investing in properties? What is your goal? How much and what the time scale you have given to yourself to achieve? Everything you do has to be quantified and qualified? As far as i know the deposit for BTL is 25% and you also need to consider stamp duty (which in this case will be 3%). The mortgage you'll have will be just under/around £200 so you will take £125- £175pcm approx (if you are not using the agent to manege your house) Having 2 properties will make you £250 + pcm. Is good. then you can remortgage and off you go again Everything depends on what are you looking to get/ your goal Hope is ok Have a fantastic and successful day Yuliya 0779 616 5614
  13. Hi, Im working with some guys who source properties. I will have a chat with them and will get back to you. I believe there is a meetup tonight in Birmingham, i am attending the evening so hope to meet you there Have a great day
  14. Hi Raffy, First of all, congratulation on what you are already doing.Well done! Admire people who take action. Secondly, for you to be able to find the right area to invest you got to have clear what are you looking to get from your investment properties? Is it cashflow, capital growth or both? How much are you looking to get per month or per year? Birmingham is definitely up and coming but before jumping into investing (unless you have everything planned) i would suggest to do some research i.e. what area to invest, why and what's your return on the investment will be? Hope that helps. Have an amazing day Yuliya
  15. Well said guys, some parts of Birmingham are definitely up and coming but you need to look at the bottom-line. How much is left for you at the end of each week/month?