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    When I am not working at The Hub, I do some freelance writing, social media management, and ad-hoc virtual assistant work. When not doing any of that, I watch Arsenal, take a keen interest in politics, and look after what feels a bit like a menagerie of children and pets.
  1. We're very excited to announce that Rob D's new book came out yesterday and we may be biased, but we think it is his best yet. In this week's special episode of The Property Podcast, we are going to discuss 'How to be a landlord', with tips from the book, and from all sorts of other places. Also, we have Meetups next week. The evening's are lighter so there's no excuse not to join your nearest get together. Find all the details here. Listen to the full episode right here.
  2. @robert dix has his own bridging finance company. Might be worth having a chat with them?
  3. Hi Bianca, welcome to the forum and some very interesting questions that I know our community will delve into further. Congratulations on your new arrival, and good luck with your investment journey! @rob bence May have something to add with regard to question three!
  4. 100th is good going - keep going!
  5. @Silv is our man in the know in Liverpool - he may be able to point you in the right direction.
  6. Hi Brad, welcome to the forum! I think most people learn a lot from their first deal and you're in the right place to do that!
  7. What makes the perfect rental property? This week The Robs give their tips on what to do and what to avoid, in order to create the ideal rental property for both you and your tenants. What is more trouble than it's worth? What is an absolute essential? The Robs give you their take on how to make your property work for you and ensure it gets tenanted quickly and with no fuss. Check it out here Then give us your thoughts on what you would add to the list!
  8. Hi Guys, I have discussed the topic of courses like this with The Robs and we decided that we'd limit the conversation on the forum about these - only because we have found these threads can get very negative very quickly! As always we'd suggest you think very carefully before spending any of your hard earned cash though, and check out as many free resources as you can first (like those here on the Hub for example).
  9. Leaseholds - Something that puts some people off - and fear often comes from lack of knowledge. So let's get educated with this week's episode. Listen here.
  10. Looks great! A job well done. Do you head along to the Glasgow Meetups? I am sure the group would love to hear more about your story so far,
  11. Hi James, your post is already approved?
  12. Alastair prompted this week's podcast topic, and it's a very important one! We're talking interest rates - should you be worried, how should you plan, why are rates low, and what might happen? Listen to the episode in full here.
  13. Hi Dean, there may be a number of different things which will add up to make an area desirable for you to live in, not all relevant to your investment criteria (for example you may love to live in the countryside but that isn't the best for investment purposes). So I would think less about if you would like to live in the area, and more about the fundamentals the area has or lacks! Consider who your tenants will likely to be, and how that fits with your plans.
  14. Hey Louise, welcome to the forum! I will be sure to point @robert dix in the direction of this post as I know he will be thrilled to hear you love his book - which one is it you read?
  15. Some people think that Rob D isn’t a new builds kinda guy, this isn’t true. New builds are great for hands off investors, but you need to be aware of key points to be successful. Learn all about what you need to be mindful of on this week's podcast. Do you go for new builds or do you tend to avoid them?