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    When I am not working at The Hub, I do some freelance writing, social media management, and ad-hoc virtual assistant work. When not doing any of that, I watch Arsenal, take a keen interest in politics, and look after what feels a bit like a menagerie of children and pets.
  1. Hey Joe, love the idea of the 'why board' may have to do this too!
  2. @Southampton Sarah may well do?
  3. Hi Joshua, this free course should help you with goal setting. Take a look.
  4. Hi Ari! Welcome to The Property Hub There are lots of things you can look at to get started. Listen to this recent podcast which gives you some pointers on how to invest according to your age and/or personality type. Take a look at all of our free training courses which you can watch whenever suits you. You'll find those here. And maybe come along to your local Property Hub Meetup in July? You'll find a list of them here and everyone is welcome.
  5. Thanks for the great post Olu -Rob ( @robert dix )will be pleased to hear you are loving his books!
  6. This week we're looking at how your age should change your investment strategy. And we're roping in a host of colourful and well known characters to explain things. Are you a Wild William, a Sensible Sam, a Make it Back Marge, a Planning Pete or an Income Ingrid? Listen here and find out.
  7. @rob bence - what do you say??
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum! Exciting times ahead as you start your limited company then! Have you checked out all of our free training resources yet? If not, you can find them right here:
  9. Hiya Angela, welcome! Let us know how the viewings go today. Meanwhile, check out all of our free courses and resources that should have you feeling prepared for your new investment journey. You'll find them here.
  10. Listen to this week's episode here. This week in The Property Podcast we look at alternatives to the standard BTL such as crowdfunding (in a couple of different ways), hotel rooms, student accommodation, ground rents. If you enjoy this topic you will also want to check out this earlier episode with Pete Matthews.
  11. Hiya, the monthly Dubai Meetup is definitely running - please drop @chris b a line and he will give you all the details!
  12. Hiya! Dubai is a really well established Meetup, best person to speak to is @chris b
  13. Hi Alison, that's odd! Here's the link you need
  14. Hello and welcome Jan and Shaun! Looking forward to hearing more about your investment journey!
  15. We're very excited to announce that Rob D's new book came out yesterday and we may be biased, but we think it is his best yet. In this week's special episode of The Property Podcast, we are going to discuss 'How to be a landlord', with tips from the book, and from all sorts of other places. Also, we have Meetups next week. The evening's are lighter so there's no excuse not to join your nearest get together. Find all the details here. Listen to the full episode right here.