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  3. elliemay

    Advice needed

    Hi I own a leasehold flat and have a mortgage. My boyfriend will be moving in but will only be paying bills and not the mortgage. I’ve been told in the event of a break up he could still have beneficial interest in a share of my property. Does anyone here know what I need to prevent this? Is it a declaration of trust? I’ve been told a cohabitation agreement but I feel that’s just someone trying to rip me off as it’s a bit excessive And yes I recognise there will be people who say “trust issues before moving in” but you never know what’s going to happen and I just feel it’s the right thing to do.
  4. Hey, I found this cool site that shows property listings in Cape Town, South Africa Rent property in Cape Town, Western Cape: Property for sale in Cape Town, Western Cape: Cape Town ETC | Showing property on sale and for rent
  5. This is cool! if you ever in Cape Town here is a few property for rent and sale:
  6. bloodieopl

    Pull out offer after missives

    Hi Caroline thanks for your message, yes have missives concluded so I will have to speak to my solisitor and see what is the best option for me, If I will have to cover any fees I will just wait, I still would like actually buy the house but if she is not happy to finish the transaction then hopefully she will cover all the fees. thanks anyway
  7. dave t

    Liverpool Licensing

    Yep, good work. I was aiming my reply at the OP though.
  8. caroline jones

    Pull out offer after missives

    Have missives concluded, or is that what she's baulking at signing? If they've concluded, you're locked in and the side withdrawing will have to pay penalties to the other side. If missives haven't concluded, you can pull out and will only be responsible for costs you've incurred, not their costs, but you may find that your solicitor refuses to act for you again. Ask your solicitor, they'll be able to tell you exactly what your position would be.
  9. Really enjoyed this podcast and just about to complete on a refurb project. Ian refers to a template / spec of works to provide to the builder to get clear and comparable quotes. Have made notes from the podcast but does anyone have an example of one of these that they could share?
  10. Yesterday
  11. craig millar

    gas safety engineer in Birmingham wanted

    I use Openrent to advertise my properties but they also have gas safety checks. The cost starts at £45 and there is at least a 2 day lead time.
  12. I have made an offer and has been accepted 6 weeks ago, I bought this house from a couple who actually split up, my solisitor sent missives and everything was set up, I have been told that I will get the keys week ago but then seller's solisitor changed it to this Friday, and I had a phone call from my solisitor today that she doesn't want to sign last paper because she changed her mind, her ex and solisitor tried to convinced her but still nothing, Is there is any solution to that?, Can I actually pull out my offer without paying fees? I do not want to wait another weeks and belive that she may change her mind again? maybe somebody had similiar issues before? thanks
  13. dino v

    Liverpool Licensing

    Hence why I used my approved agent to apply. £206 instead of £412
  14. Thank you for the advice. It's very help!
  15. Dear Holl As long as all the relevant paperwork is kept (from your overseas bank and confirmation receipt from the supplier), do not see any reason why this would be a problem BUT best practice would be to transfer the money to your account then transfer the money to your Ltd and then transfer the money to UK Company. Furthermore,transferring money from overseas account to the supplier would make that bank account part of your business records and that account would then be subject to scrutiny from HMRC as they can legally request you to present those statements should your company be subject to an inquiry. Hope that helps.
  16. Hi, I need to have gas certificate done for my property urgently. It's in Birmingham - B6. Are you able to recommend someone who is not too busy to make it happen promptly? How much should it cost approximately (2bed flat with new boiler from 2007)? I would appreciate your support Regards
  17. dave t

    Liverpool Licensing

    "You must be a member before you apply for a licence - we cannot offer 'retrospective' discounts. If you stop being a member we will recover the full fee." HMO's are NOT included in discounts either.
  18. Hi all, First of all- I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this forum. I've learnt so much just by reading through and I believe I will continue to spend countless of hours on here getting myself educated. This is my first ever post - so please excuse if my question seem silly. I've read a few books and listened to many podcasts about buying properties BMV, refurbish it, rent it out and re-mortgage after 6 months or so. My question is: How are investors funding these deals? For example if you have £100k cash, and a property up in Manchester is £65k with a refurb cost of £8k, do you buy it with cash completely and re-mortgage it after 6 months to get as much of your money back out? or do you just put down 25% as deposit, get a mortgage, fund the £8k refurb cost with cash and re-mortgage after 6 months? Of course, I understand there are pro and cons or being a cash buyer, but from an investor point of view, what is the best way to invest the cash you have in hand and what are the norms that other investors are doing to 'recycle' their cash? Many thanks!
  19. John Carey-Shields

    Timescales for Mortgage Application through Broker

    Hi Steve, As an experienced broker myself, application delays can be attributed to several things, key among which are clients not obtaining the documents required for packaging the case. Other matters include valuation appointment delays and delays in lender processing. However in my experience I'm talking a few weeks, at the most. The fact that you started the process back in May is very extreme, it does not take 7 months for a lender to approve you by way of credit scoring, this decision is instant in mosy cases, with refer decisions being answered in a matter of days. It definitely seems suspicious that there is something your broker isn't telling you, however I wouldn't really like to pass comment without knowing the full facts. Provided that you have no credit issues, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to obtain a mortgage offer in a matter of weeks not months. The buy to let regulations have changed which have hit the london market hardest with rental income coverages, however this shouldn't significantly delay the outcome of your cases, you should either know by now whether you have been approved, or whether you haven't. If you would like a second opinion, feel free to hit me up in the replies or send me a message to my account and I would be happy to discuss your options with you by way of a telephone conversation. I'm based up north but do cover the south of england as I have clients based in Essex. If you decide to continue on with your broker, I wish you all the very best. Regards, John
  20. chloe williams

    ZOOPLA state of the property nation

    Very interesting read, thanks for sharing! :)
  21. Hi all, just a question for those experienced with recent mortgage applications as we are increasingly frustrated with our Mortgage broker and not really sure why our application is taking so long. It might just be that it is very complex and the lenders are very slow, but I wanted to see what others thought... Mortgages: Two flats making up the lower half of a Victorian townhouse in Peckham, London. Mortgage 1: National Westminster Bank PLC £560k on a £680k valuation, Residential Mortgage 2: Clydsedale Bank PLX £262k on a £380k valuation, buy to let Our question is this - We agreed the above package with our Mortgage Broker in May. He finally sent us paperwork called 'Mortgage illustations' on 1 November. In speaking to him yesterday, he informed us that the lenders still haven't done credit checks on us yet, and so I assume they are actually still quite early on in processing our application. Does this all seem incredibly slow? We thought by hiring a mortgage broker he would have a good working relationship with lenders and be able to work quickly, but we are now 8 months in and although I'm reluctant to start again, with a different broker it may be that we haven't made much progress anyway. This is costing us quite a lot of money each month now as the old mortgages are on floating rates, so we are getting pretty desperate and it's going to be a very tight Christmas. I would be happy to hear that the above seems reasonable or only slightly slower than normal, and we will just have to lump it, but I'm also curious as to whether this seems completely absurd amount of time to apply for a mortgage. Your expertise and advice is hugely appreciated!! Happy to send more details if needed. Steve
  22. indy315

    NETFLIX documentaries

    depending on what you are into there are a lot of murder documentaries, a good example of this is "making a murderer". It is amazing in my opinion and definitely worth the watch
  23. suzie90

    Who would like planning advice?

    Hi Ian, Thanks for the advice. I think we will definitely have to go for timber windows, despite the cost. Some of the other houses do have plastic ones, but the Article 4 was only applied to the street in 2017, so I recon that it was introduced to stop this from happening further. I guess the people that put in plastic windows must have done so before 2017... I just have a further question; I see that you're based in London. However, do you happen to know of any reputable architects/planning consultants who operate in the Norfolk area? It's a long shot, but worth a try! Many thanks. Kind regards, Suzie
  25. Matt Bee

    Should I sell this property?

    Thanks everyone for your responses. Having done a bit more digging it appears that I may be able to release some equity from the property without having to sell it. By fixing into a longer term mortgage product (5+ years), I may benefit from less stringent rental stress tests and there might be some room to release a chunk of equity. Frustratingly, the broker I was using missed this previously and I have only found out about it through my own digging! Any recommendations for a broker who is better informed on BTL mortgages? Thanks, Matt
  26. ahmedsalman

    BTL with refurbishment

    i looking for a BTL Mortgage for a house that needs refurbishment, i'm an experienced landlord i own another property in the UK, any advice on mortgage providers thanks
  27. Hello all, To fund my UK limited company operations, I am wiring money from my overseas personal bank account. Question is could I wire the money directly to the vendor without first transferring it to my UK company account? By doing so, would it create an audit trail issue later on with the accountant? Appreciate any thoughts on this. Have a good day! Holl
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