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    It's definitely think it is generation thing about paying off the mortgage. I decided a while ago that mortgage debt is good debt and once you get your head around that it makes it a lot all I need to do is convert some of my other knowledge into propert income and then I will be sorted! I do also worry about the very high interest rates our first mortgage was extremely high but then if you start worrying about everything you will never invest! I think if the numbers stack up initially and keep a sensible LTV then over time even higher interest rates would just mean adopting a slightly different strategy! Hope this helps!
  2. Hoping to get established member soon to use the facility, regards Andrew PS being cheeky and using this as a post ;-) but at least I am learning about the forums.......
  3. Hello everyone from the Dubai Heat

    Paul, Good to hear from you and yes it's not really a place that rolls off the tongue.....long story short as there are many reasons but stick with an area that you know, already invest in and learn everything there is to know about that area. That way you do not spread yourself too thin and keep your costs down! Not really sure how we connect on this forum as I am also new but would be interested to directly connect with you and start sharing knowledge and maybe even JV. That can be our next challenge ;-) Will be in contact soon, Andrew
  4. Hello everyone from the Dubai Heat

    Hi, I am new to the site and realized that over the years I have been a property investor and probable by default have made many of the typical mistakes! I have made money from property over the years but now it is time to really convert and leverage my mistakes into a reliable income. I have bought cheap completely renovated two over the years and still have one which has allowed me to fund more property purchases, one in Dubai and now one in France......I have another property which I have 1st legal charge over ;-), a JV Commercial Property all of which have allowed me to make many mistakes! I now need to focus in one area and drive my investments. I have a good letting agent and believe I can spring board this in the Paisley area of West of Scotland. Looking forward to connecting with people who can assist/work with a remote property investor. Andrew