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  1. henry g

    What numbers make for a good deal?

    I have no taxable income, property will be the only income, so I don't envision going into the 40% tax band at any point.
  2. Using a local example from Rightmove in my spreadsheet and I'm wondering at what point I should be pulling a trigger on a deal? What return on capital invested (ROCI) is good enough? My plan is to buy 3 properties in 3 years, using a strategy of: buy cash, refurb, refinance at 60% LTV on interest only, then let and hold for 10+ years. I'm looking for some capital growth (to refinance down the line, not sell) but ultimately my goal is £15k/year profit.
  3. henry g

    Living off rental income full time advice needed

    Hi Paul/Tony, How did you both fare with the mortgage brokers?
  4. Hi Steve, How did your situation play out in the end?
  5. henry g

    Tax on a Flip If We Have No Other Income

    How and what mortgage did/would you get on this property? With no income.
  6. henry g

    Mortgage Advice

    Well done for looking into your options so quickly. But why is this house an opportunity you can not miss? The only immediate gain I see is that you avoid some moving/buying fees. Sell it and you get £95k cash? Keep it and own a £250k house for £140k mortgage? Which is £110k equity?
  7. henry g

    Financial Freedom/ Mortgage controversy

    Where does the £3k/month figure come from? Is there any difference to a figure of £2083/month?
  8. henry g

    Move into a house after refurb

    Are you saying buy, move in, renovate, sell, within 18 months and claim back SDLT? Are you using a mortgage for this?
  9. Currently doing refurb on a property that was bought outright with cash. I would like to get a mortgage product on it, at the new refurbished value (~£300k), and release some equity to use as a deposit for a second property. I have no income, but £100k invested and some savings. I can either live in the property and rent out a room, or rent out the whole property. Will lenders work with me? Starting a company is an option but this wouldn't be taking advantage of my currently unused personal allowance, so this doesn't seem wise right now? My goal is to produce an income of £20k pa using the cash initially invested into this first property.
  10. How's it going for you now Ella?
  11. henry g

    Renting a rural barn conversion?

    How so Noah? Do you mean literally dangerous or that the heaters just won't be much good?
  12. Hi Richard, How has your progress been this year? I too am Bristol based and making my first steps into BTL after years of research and interest. Looking at properties in and around Bristol, there doesn't seem to be too much information on the Forum at present, but maybe there is more in the private Bristol forum (did you get access?). Here is some good information about Weston-Super-Mare from Rob B though: http://thepropertyhub.net/forum/topic/6056-weston-super-mare-advice-please/?tab=comments#comment-24209
  13. henry g

    Bristol and Bournemouth

    Hi Martin and Kris, Did you find a suitable letting agent in Bristol? Where abouts in town in your property located?