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  1. Hello from KENT

    Hi The two meetings I attend in Kent are 1.PIN meeting in Maidstone which is held on the first Thursday of every month, costs £20 and has guest speakers and a room full of like minded property peeps - very friendly and positive 2.The Vault in Erith Kent which is held on the first Tuesday of every month, costs £15 - £20 which is denoted to charity and again has guest speakers and good networking. hope to see you at one of them - Im off to attend Samuel Leeds property crash course in Walsall this weekend, snow permitting! andy
  2. Hello from KENT

    Hello Anthony thanks for your comment- I am currently getting myself sorted with regard to setting up a limited company, selling a property in Dartford and attending property meetings up and down the country while looking for my best strategy options to build the property business going forward- flipping, HMO, BTL etc etc Do you attend any of the Kent property meetings? K6LKS
  3. NEW BOY

    Hi drkidd thanks for the message and apologies for the delay getting back to you. Over the past few months I have filled my brain with property via meetups, shadowing,discussions, reading, attending seminars, looking into setting up a ltd company and-business account as well as drafting a business plan with my accountant which outlays my goals etc etc added to which I have refurbished my one and only BTL in Kent and now selling - my little grey cells are being worked but I love it! looking to flip in the Kent area to raise cash flow and then branch into the BTL/ HMO market up North is my current thinking. cheers K6LKS
  4. Hello from KENT

    Hi All, My name is Andy K and I am Production /Project Manager with many transferable skills gained from working in the Television Industry for over 30 years now redirecting all my effort into the world of property. My one and only BTL property in Dartford, Kent is currently being sold after a revamp, tenancy and good offer and now that I have the property bug I am looking at initially "flipping" other properties in Kent to build up my cash pot before investing in more long term strategies going forward - seems to make sense to me anyway! Guilty of attending property meet ups such as the Maidstone PIN, Erith Vault, Progressive's 3 day seminar/sales pitch in London, Rob and Rob podcasts , obviously! and hopefully the Property hub in Maidstone this Thursday. Looking to build a regular Power Team in Kent to purchase, refurbish and get out with a healthy profit and systems in place going forward. I intend to make this my full time occupation and really look forward to meeting/discussing property opportunities with you - bring it on!!! Andy K
  5. NEW BOY

    Hello All from Kent, Moved in with my Girlfriend - revamped my terrace house for rent with new kitchen,bathroom,electrics,paint job etc, found agent to fully manage the property and now have the bug to expand! Discovered the "The Property Podcast" online and look forward to moving forward -see what I did there! What next???? K6lkss