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    Everything! I'm particularly interested in long-term investment strategy, and developing an investment approach that fits your skills and lifestyle.
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    I'm a real jack-of-all-trades. I'm an NLA accredited landlord so I know a decent amount about landlord/tenant issues, but I also pick up little nuggets of information about all kinds of topics from my trawls around the internet.
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    Build a relatively hands-off portfolio that delivers a great income regardless of what's happening in the wider economy
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    Technology, travel and personal development
  1. We will do for sure! Spot on - I stopped paying any attention to the news in January and I've been happier and more productive ever since! The essence of Stoicism is to distinguish between what you can control and what you can't, and calmly accept everything you can't. I think politics falls squarely under "things you can't control"...not without shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies at least!
  2. Nottingham

    Hi James, I studied in Nottingham and have some property there. A fine part of the world - underrated in my opinion! Just had a quick look on Rightmove (it doesn't take much) for the city centre up to £100k. Most of the stuff under £90k looks pretty questionable, but there are some flats on for £100k that look like they'd stack quite nicely. So just get 10% off the asking price and you've hit your budget
  3. What order do I do things!?

    Hi Dafydd! There's no "right" answer, but I'd recommend having initial conversations with your existing lender and a broker before you sink any time into looking at property – otherwise you might be way off the mark in terms of what your budget is going to be.
  4. Alternative investments to property

    My idea of diversification is...investing in property in a different way! For the last couple of years I've been writing bridging loans – so still property, but different type of investment (debt rather than equity) and time horizon (6-12 months rather than years). The returns dwarf anything I could get elsewhere. I've got various trackers in ISA wrappers that I've held for years, but I'm not convinced by the global growth story so I can't bring myself to put much more in. I've had success with stock-picking in the past, but it involves a massive amount of research and I don't have the time. Basically, I've really got to hope I see the next crash coming
  5. Brexit effect on house prices

    We've done a couple of podcasts recently that feed into this: Brexit discussed on Ask Rob & Rob: Supply and Demand explained: I think the uncertainty combined with the post-SDLT slowdown might be creating a nice little buying opportunity - be greedy when others are fearful etc! Leaving the EU would hit demand (especially for HMOs one would have thought), but the balance is so wildly off at the moment I can't see it'd make too much difference. Interestingly, the doom-laden predictions aren't quite what they seem at first glance: In any case, given that the entire establishment is doing everything in their power to keep us in, I'd say there's about a 0% chance of it actually happening so we'll never know
  6. Declaration of Trust and Loan Agreement for Investors

    Hi Andre, my recommendation would be to take templates to a solicitor and get them tweaked to suit your needs. I wouldn't want to be relying on something I just downloaded for this, but it can work out a lot cheaper if you go to a solicitor with a very clear idea of what you want. (And once you've got something exactly right, you can use it for all future deals.) I can't help with templates, but if you want a solicitor recommendation just drop me an email (
  7. This is going to be super-exciting! Lots of our meetup leaders from around the country are going to be there too, and it'll be great to meet lots of new people. Apparently advance tickets for the live podcast recording have already sold out, but don't worry – if you still want to see us make idiots of ourselves, they always hold back some first-come-first-served places on the day itself.
  8. Thank you for your support everyone! It's currently ranked #7 out of ALL books on Amazon UK, which is a bit ridiculous... If you're having any issues with the extras or launch competition, just drop me an email and I'll get it sorted for you -
  9. Thank you so much Anselm! I really hope you enjoy it. (Amazon link here, while I'm having a self-promotional day!)
  10. Trello geeks - advice please

    Late to the game here - how did I miss this? Your option "a" sounds the best to me, but the beauty of Trello is it's so flexible you can go with whatever's intuitive to you. The benefit of columns like "action needed" is that you can get fancy and use Zapier to fire off automations when the card is moved between columns. e.g. You drag a card to "maintenance request", and it fires off an email to your handyman with a job sheet. You can also use the Google Sheets integration to add each property's spreadsheet neatly to its card. The Trello board then becomes the "dashboard" from which you can just follow links to access any information you need. And if you use Slack at all, the Trello integration is really good. We use it to fire notifications to our "#updates" channel whenever a card is modified, so you can see a stream of what's going on at any time. Hope there's something useful in there somewhere!
  11. Gifting my partner deposit money

    Hi Katie, best bet is to check with your mortgage advisor. I've known it to be possible if you can prove the source of the original funds and provide a letter confirming that it's a gift, but it could well vary from lender to lender. A broker/advisor is very useful in cases like this, as they can make sure the lender is happy in the first place and also that it doesn't fall foul of any over-enthusiastic interventions on the way through the process.
  12. Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention Tim. In a classic government move, they've appeared to bring it in despite inconclusive/mixed results in a limited trial, and with very little publicity! My understanding is that the landlord or agent must have sight of original documents in the presence of the applicant (or existing tenant in the case of a new fixed term) and take copies, so I'm not sure how "online" checking would be sufficient.
  13. The Big Short

    I loved it – I thought the acting was fantastic, and it didn't dumb down the details just for the sake of making it an easier watch. I highly recommend the book too, and all Michael Lewis' others – I think he's massively underrated. (Will move this thread to General Discussion now )
  14. If you've been listening to the podcast, you might know that I've got a book – the "ambitiously" titled The Complete Guide To Property Investment – coming out this Thursday! I just wanted to give a heads-up in the Hub that if you reserve a copy before Thursday, you'll get some extra bonuses thrown in at no extra cost – including an online Q&A, and chapter-by-chapter audio notes with me talking about things I couldn't fit into the book. (You'll also be entered into a very exciting launch competition I'm keeping quiet for now!) All you need is to click this link and enter your email address before Wednesday evening. I'll then send you a link to buy on Amazon on Thursday (paperback or Kindle, £9.99) and you can unlock the bonuses. Excitedly, Rob
  15. The quick or slow route to success?

    3 languages at 18 months? Wow! I'd say you've put your finger on it: flipping, R2R etc are all jobs, whereas "investment" is long-term almost by definition. So the question is whether you prefer your current job or a new one! Some people go into property all guns blazing, and find the motivation to keep a roof over the family's head spurs them on to great success very quickly. But I suspect there are many more that crash and burn who we don't hear about... Only you know yourself enough to make the decision, but if it were me I'd be taking the slow and steady approach.