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Any useful DIY methods for our new home??

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My mom bought a new property near Calgary. A small house with a slate roof and rock walls. We bought it because of its vintage look, though it is quite strong and neat! So we haven't had any renovation works. She moved to there last week.
I went there yesterday and found the shower pipe and bathtub are clogged. I tried cleaning the bathtub using the mix of salt and baking soda with vinegar. It has worked, the bathtub is almost ready now. My mom wanted me to call some 
nearby drain cleaning service, was suggested by her new neighbour. She has already spent the major part of her savings this property so I won't encourage further! Also, I have no idea on these pro services and their expenses. I will be staying here for a couple of days, so planning for some DIY methods. And the issue is it is very difficult when it comes to shower pipes. Because here it is of a copper material, fixed on top! I hope anyone here could have helped me with some good ideas to remove clogs from a fixed shower!

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