Vicky Nunes

Episode 176: How to hire for your property team

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This week we're talking about how to hire for your property team – whether it's a property manager, an assistant, a bookkeeper, or just about any other role you can think of.


We've talked about the benefits of hiring many times, so this week we talk through the exact process we use to maximise our chances of finding the perfect candidate.


We cover:

  • How to set yourself up for success before hiring begins
  • The different hoops we make applicants jump through (and why)

  • How we organise the process to keep track and minimise our time input

  • The questions to ask in an interview

  • One critical step you mustn't miss out

  • The killer question to ask when taking up references


Listen to the episode now


Do you have any tips from when you've hired for your property team?

Which tasks do you wish you could hire someone to take off your hands?


Join in the discussion below. 

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Hi everyone - I have just revisited this podcast as I am hiring new staff…. In the podcast Rob and Rob recommend that applicants that pass the first round are invited to submit an audio recording as a 2nd round step.


They didn't say what application or tool they use for this, does anyone have any suggestions?


A voicemail on phone would work, but some specific tools may also exist…. Thanks!  Jason

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